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  1. 01. About

    Lyndons Arts Trust is a registered charity, which has been working since 1996 to promote arts in the community and support art students and young graduates in the early stages of their careers. We focus on areas of social deprivation, helping young people access art activities that would not normally be available to them. We also nurture young people’s sense of belonging to the community by developing history and heritage art projects that relate directly to their own circumstances. We have moved out of our workshop in the grounds of Malorees Junior School due to a restructuring of the school’s facilities and are currently running workshops at various libraries and schools.

  2. 02. The Outreach Programme

    Our Outreach Programme focuses on primary schools in areas of social deprivation in the City and adjoining boroughs, helping children access arts activities that would not normally be available to them. The programme is entitled “The History of the City through the Eyes of its Children” and aims to nurture the boroughs’ young residents’ sense of belonging to the community through subjects relating to trade and immigration. Projects in the Outreach Programme are offered as Team Building Days to City companies with policies of Corporate Social Responsibility, helping young employees gain a better understanding of the community around their place of work, and giving children the chance to meet role models during the workshops.

  3. 03. Work with Artists

    Students and young graduates can undertake training with Lyndons, developing their artistic and technical skills, learning how to prepare and present workshops, and gaining many transferrable skills whilst working with children of various ages and abilities. They can also get the chance to meet experienced artists who have been working with the Trust on a freelance basis for several years, and interact with professionals from the City during Outreach Projects. We are always happy to hear from new volunteers of various artistic backgrounds who would like to train with Lyndons. Many of our internees have progressed to paid teaching roles and jobs within the arts sector.

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